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Equine Memberships,horse dispute

In our experience, one of the biggest deterrents to approaching a solicitor’s office is that of cost, with the fear that bills will start spiralling out of control. Our membership packages address that problem in the simplest way. No longer will you be charged for every phone call, nor indeed every letter sent on your behalf. No longer will you receive an enormous bill with the hidden costs that you had no idea you were being charged for.

Our membership offers you the ability to speak to a solicitor as often as you need to. It is simply a matter of picking up a phone. We will prepare documents, letters, and contracts for you. We will use the most efficient and cost-effective means to satisfy any disputes arising from the sale of horses and/or the purchase of horses as well as many other disputes.
We will also provide unlimited access for initial consultations to our legal team, access to our database with legal documents and contracts as well as discounts for future legal fees and representation. In most cases, having legal support available at the early stage of the dispute can avoid future court actions.

Gold Membership,horse dispute

Intended for horse dealers, professionals and agents, giving a bespoke service with unlimited phone support with a specialist support team and an individual designated team member for all your enquires to allow continuity for your advice.

This membership will cover matters such as:

– Buying / selling disputes

– Employment issues

– Accidents

– Valuation matters

– Leases

– Sales contracts

– Breeding agreements

– Loan agreements / Disputes

– Contracts / Agreements 

Within this package you will be provided with unlimited initial consultations and a primary letter for each matter all progressions will be charged at a discounted rate as per the services page.

Silver Membership

Intended for Livery / Stud yards, Riding schools and farm diversification properties. You will receive the same support as that of the Gold membership.

This package will deal with:

– Livery contract

– Unpaid livery bills

– Abandoned horses

– Accidents

– Loaning of owners horses

– Notice periods not adhered to

– Unit lease contracts

– Negligence issues 

– Breeding contracts 

– Contracts / agreements

Bronze Membership

Intended for a private horse owners to have the security of
knowing someone is there on your side as and when a situation arises from
simple disputes to the unthinkable. All initial consultations included as well
as primary letter for each matter.

This package will deal with:

– Loaning a horse

– Buying/selling dispute

– Livery yard issue

– Breeding

– Sending for training (livery agreement)

– Shared ownership

– Contract / agreements

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